Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Willpower needed!

Books.  I love books.  I shall never be a Kindle fan because there is nothing better in my opinion than browsing a book shop and taking home a new book.  There is rarely a week goes by that I do not buy a new book. 

I was inspired by a wise person to try something different this year.  Rather than buying new books I am going to re-read every book I have in the house.  Their number is great, probably too great my husband would say.  I also seem to stick very much to type.  I have a good number of the classics, I have historical fiction, I have thrillers with a supernatural edge and I have the supernatural.  I'm not a chick-lit fan and I'm not a sci-fi fan.  I think to someone on the outside my tastes would seem boring and safe but its what I enjoy and reading to me should be a pleasure, not a chore. 

So this weekend I started cataloguing all my books - thus fueling two passions in my life, books and lists!  I am currently at book number 380 and I still have a fair way to go.  But I am already excited about revisiting some of the books I had forgotten I had. 

I have had to make a couple of exceptions to my No New Books rule (yes, yes I hear you say).  One is that I'm allowed to buy the next Cynthia Harrod-Eagles Dynasty book.  The Dynasty saga is the story of one family - beginning in the 15th Century and spanning all the way to present day.  My Grandmother started collecting these books - I borrowed them and fell in love with them - we used to spend hours discussing each book, our favourite characters, what we thought would happen next.  When my Grandmother died I was given the set of books and I have been adding to it ever since.   So I am going to finish the collection and maybe one day my daughter will enjoy them.  I still re-read them once a year, despite the fact that the glue has dried on some and the pages are falling out and I get covered in a lovely gritty substance as I read!

The other exception is adding to my Jean Plaidy collection.  I currently have 83 of her books.  I'm constantly being foiled by books previously written under one of her various pseudonyms being re-released under the name of Jean Plaidy and by books being re-released under new titles for the American market (let's not open that can of worms).  I currently estimate I need 6 to complete the collection.  So if I see any of these I shall snap them up.

So that's it.  A year, 365 days without buying a new book.  Will I cope? Will I manage? Watch this space!

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