Friday, 7 January 2011


Just sometimes, Emily does something that makes my heart hurt with how much I love her.

This morning hadn't been good - had to collect her early from school due to the snow.  A round trip that usually takes ten minutes, today took one hour and thirty minutes.  There's no chance of us getting to her friends party she was so looking forward to.  Yet still she was sunny tempered.  We had to abandon my car and walk home and she skipped all the way. 

She started to catch snowflakes on her tongue - so timelessly childlike, so innocent and so much fun.  Can there be anything better than this?

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  1. That's a lovely picture. I especially love timelessly childlike moments like these. I remember once seeing my son playing cooking with a stick and some soil in the garden and thinking of all the famous men and women of history who must have played the exact same game.