Monday, 11 July 2011

Monday's SPR

That's Small and Pointless Rant, the first of which can be found and read here

Actually today's SPR should be directed at me for my sheer lack of blogging recently.  But it's not.  Today's SPR is directed at Jeremy Clarkson.

Jeremy Clarkson.  Where to begin? A man who seems to have far to inflated a sense of his own self-worth and comedy value.  Let's face it Top Gear was mildly amusing circa 2005.  It's now samey and jaded and really not very funny at all.

So when Jeremy Clarkson says "I'd rather quit Top Gear than follow the BBC up North" I can't have been the only person giving a silent cheer.

Just FYI Jeremy when you're talking about your reluctance to relocate "it would be too disruptive to my family" and "it's not the right time for me to make such a move" are fine, perfectly reasonable and inoffensive reasons as to why you don't want to move.

Suggesting Salford is "a small suburb with little to offer beyond Starbucks and a canal with ducks on it" and to label London "the nation's Oxbridge, full of the nation's brightest and sharpest brains" isn't a great way to go about doing anything other than really pissing a lot of people off much less stating "if we ran the show from Salford, we'd be employing people from Salford, People who were born there and thought “Yes, I like this. I see no reason to go anywhere else”.
‘And in the world of television that could be a genuine handicap. Every year we’d end up making a Christmas special from the Dog and Duck or the nearest Arndale Centre.'

Well Jeremy, how awful.  Imagine, can there be anything worse?!  Believe it or not Jeremy, there are people in the North who are bright and have sharp brains and would be an asset to your show and may actually bring something new and exciting rather than the tired old formula you live by!
And my final point, where does Jeremy Clarkson come from - clearly he must be from that bastion of all that is good and right in England....pardon? He isn't? Oh....he's from Doncaster......right...... 

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  1. Excellent! Great rant. Do you feel better now?