Tuesday, 24 May 2011

A small yet pointless rant....

These are going to become a regular feature in my blog for no other reason than in the name of catharsis!  The things that feature here are likely to be small, irrelevant things, but goodness they make my blood pressure rise.

So the first of my SPR (small pointless rants) is against the media.  Yes all of it. 

No in all seriousness, NOT all of it.  This is directed at certain tabloids, people who get their information from certain tabloids, a certain type of magazine and celebrity gossip websites.  Why, in the name of all that is sacred, why must you insist on persistently shortening the names of famous people to make, what I can only imagine you think to be "cool" monikers. 

Let us start with the recent Royal Wedding.  Arguably one of the main protagonists was a young lady with a beautiful, feminine name.  So why on earth is it virtually impossible for one to read about Phillipa Middleton or even Pippa.  Why must one read of the antics of the dreadfully monikered "P Middy". And then onto the wife of the Prime Minister, a position that brings with it a certain gravitas is apparently best described by the name "SamCam". Is it really so, so difficult to add an extra nine letters and call her Samantha Cameron?

It is all so "J-Lo" isn't it which in turn is all rather 1990s.  It may have worked for a pop star as part of their image and brand but it really, really doesn't work for every celebrity there is so if there's a chance we could call people by their proper names that would be smashing!

Thanks awfully.


  1. K Middy is just ridiculous isn't it!
    Loving the SPR - looking forward to seeing what else comes up. Can we nominate topics???

    SG x

  2. But Ra-Ba sounds fabulous, like a pub that cheers you as it gives you cheer ;o)

    There is also a special place in Hell for the people that come up with the double-headed monster couples such as Brangelina *shudders*