Tuesday, 15 March 2011

How do I define myself?

There have been many words that could be used to describe me.  Of course I was a daughter first, a school girl, a student, a BA, a Legal Executive, a wife, a mother.

But I think I'm still in the enviable position of thinking of myself as simply "me".  I don't feel defined by being a wife or by motherhood - of course they're such important facets of my character if not THE most important.  But I'm still me, Rachel.  I am quite happy to be called mummy, wife, daughter because to me they're the most apt words to describe who I am, but that doesn't mean I have lost part of my character or identity of self.

Maybe I'm lucky that I haven't needed a career to fuel my self worth - I was quite happy to give up my career to start a family and am still 100% happy with that decision.

As I bark on another chapter (you see what I did there...) of my life which is the writing I hope one day that I am described as a writer but I still don't think that will define me.  I'll still be me, quirky, eccentric me with another string to my bow.

So what is the best way to describe one's self.  Do we need labels?  I know that deep down I have a lot of roles - Rachel the mother, Rachel the wife, Rachel the daughter, Rachel at work, Rachel at home, Rachel at singing society, Rachel with friends but the important word in all those is the first.  Rachel.

That's me.  Rachel.  Warts and all.


  1. I agree completely. It's so easy to become subsumed by labels and forget who you are at heart.

    Oh and in case you're wondering how a weirdy has your blog address, I'm december on DW :)

  2. Oh hello!

    Off to have a look at your blog!